Podcast Show Notes with Dr. Byrareddy

The entire world is looking for a solution to Coronavirus. And for good reason. As of early August 2020, 706,000 people have died from COVID-19 worldwide. In the United States alone, 160,000 people have died since the beginning of March 2020.

Many researchers are putting in many hours of good work trying to figure out a solution. One of these scientists is Dr. Siddappa Byrareddy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. We centered our conversation around his scientific article SARS-CoV2 induced respiratory distress: Can cannabinoids be added to anti-viral therapies to reduce lung inflammation?

Dr. Siddappa Byrareddy, one of the authors, agreed to expand on his findings for the listeners of the Hemp Startup Journey.

Not having a research background, I had many questions for Dr. Byrareddy to understand how CBD and cannabis can help COVID-induced lung inflammation.

In this short conversation, Dr. Byrareddy explains some of his takeaways from sudying cannabis and HIV and how it lead him to study CBD's potential positive impact on COVID symptoms.

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Who is Dr. Siddappa Byrareddy?

Dr. Byrareddy received his PhD from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences and JNCASR Bangalore, India and did his postdoctoral training from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Dr. Siddappa Byrareddy is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He holds a strong background in molecular biology, virology, immunology, systems biology and animal models background with expertise in the field of vaccines.

He has published more than 50 original research papers in peer reviewed journals in the field of HIV/AIDS vaccines, pathogenesis, immunology and epidemiology.

Dr Byrareddy's Bio on University of Nebraska Medical Center Website

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