A lot of guys have this assumption or belief that, all along the way, all along the path of life that they need to know. They need to have things under control. They need to know what to do. They need to know where to go. They need to know what actions to take. And, that basic uncertainty, which is, which is just overwhelmingly true if we slow down enough to find it, is that during this time, we haven't.

-Dan Doty

Show Notes

This is one of the most in-depth conversations I've had on this podcast. Dan is the co-founder of EVRYMAN and the host of the EVRYMAN podcast. Some of the topics we cover during this episode:

  • How Dan helps men slow down enough to understand what's happening in their own minds
  • Owning the uncertainty and discomfort of the CORONAVIRUS pandemic
  • What to do when our minds don't want us to feel what's really going on
  • What if guys didn't have to live a life pretending that they didn't feel
  • Men who can't take a compliment
  • The relationship between the bottom line and how we treat people
  • How Dan pivoted from their men's retreats after having to cancel 7 months worth of live events, which was 99% of their revenue
  • Can we still connect as humans without face-to-face interaction?
  • Dan's suggestions on how to move forward
  • How to move from post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth
  • How COVID19 situation changed Dan's vision of the future

About Dan Doty

Dan Doty is a visionary entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and the co-founder and voice of EVRYMAN. Dan is the host of the EVRYMAN podcast, and the former director of cult hit tv show MeatEater. He has been a 3-time guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, and twice on the Today Show. His role with EVRYMAN has been featured in the NYT, Men's Health, GQ, and many more national and international publications. Dan is a man’s man with a well-developed tender side. He embodies the ability for men to be exactly who they are, and is sharing that message that there are as many definitions of manhood as there are men on the planet.

What is EVRYMAN?

EVRYMAN is an global movement helping men break open a new paradigm of how men live, how they show up, what they feel, and how they express themselves. EVRYMAN works against two main issues:

  1. The general state of repression and repressed emotions. Men don't tend to feel or feel like they should be feeling
  2. Social isolation and human connection

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